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We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality code. Our developers adhere to strict development methodologies, using best practice frameworks and methods. This results in code that scales well, is clean and easy to maintain. Our clients trust us to deliver work that looks as good under the hood as it does on the outside.


All forms of marketing and website creation require strategy, but with so many campaigns flooding the web, a digital branding strategy requires an extra dose of savvy. That’s why we research and analyse every aspect of your brand before brainstorming solutions, making sure we know exactly what you want and how to make it happen.


Web design is considered one of the most important aspects of a website because it's what every website visitor sees. Introducing the front-end, this means how the pictures are placed, the style of text, the animations when you hover over elements and how your content and branding flows together. Our team of web designers are skilled with the latest software and languages to ensure your website is meeting the trends of the market, why have a basic website when your website can stand out in the crowd and be unique.


We are different from most digital agencies when it comes to web development because we do things professionally. We do not use crowd-sourced themes or page-builders. The work we put into our client's project is crafted by experienced and skilled web developers. Our aim is not just to make your website intelligent and logical, it is to create a website that is unique in its features based on the industry it serves. Trusted by some of the largest enterprises on the planet our teams can handle any measure of workload. There is not a project for us that is too small or too big, everyone's ideas are welcome at ReddTek.


Every website that we create at ReddTek is always SEO enhanced meaning it is most likely to reach the highest rank on popular search engines. This is important so that you get as much exposure to convert prospective visitors into clients. With no extra cost, we create email marketing campaigns integrated into your website and go the step ahead to provide your brand with email templates so that your engagement with your clients or customers are always flowing synchronously between your website & email delivery. 


Website security is essential in this decade, with more threats coming to life every second and automated attacks corrupting even the smallest websites. The cybersecurity division at ReddTek has taken the advancements to secure all the websites that we create with custom developed anti-virus and vulnerability patching scripts that ensure your online store or basic website is secured. Security does not just protect your website but speeds up the performance. Meaning better user experiences and a more secure ecosystem. You don't have to be a client of ReddTek to use our software you can try it yourself - learn more


We believe that support needs to be fast and helpful. Popular for our multiple support features such as our comprehensive help centre, support ticketing system, and 24/7 call centres consultants, and live chat features. When we work together we make our services easier to use and more reliable. You can visit our Help Centre to view articles.


We keep it active. We keep it Protected.

You will have full control & access to our domain management system. This will make your experience with us seamless with registering domain names to changing DNS Domain nameservers.

Our domain administrators will take care of the domain set up and also will provide 24/7 hour support whenever you need it.