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If you have a lot of clients then you need a CRM, we created our own CRM that allows you to add clients, staff, and even companies to your own online system with ease. The system was built on a secure and scalable framework that meets all the requirements a business would need making it future-proof. Whether it is creating specific groups of customers or adding companies to your system everything is stored securely on our high-performance cloud web server to make sure nothing gets lost or freeze in crucial moments.


Have you ever tried a support ticketing system? Well our CRM allows your clients to open tickets and have an automated email get sent to them keeping track of the progress. It will also notify you or any added staff members about any tickets that have been created by any of your clients ensuring that every question has been answered and closed.


We understand the difficulty creating invoices and estimates manually, that's why our CRM allows you to set automated recurring invoices and easy to edit online templates that get sent immediately to your clients. You will be able to download the invoices and change the status of the invoice from unpaid to paid within seconds -  but don't forget! We also have Instant EFT payments integrated so your business cash flow runs without you doing a thing. You can use payment merchants such as PayU and PayFast for secure transactions.


The CRM was developed to be easy and flexible. We guarantee you that your clients will love the new way you can interact with your services and easily manage projects and invoices. Why not give it a TRY for 5 Days and see how you feel about integrating this future-proof system into your business website or online platform today.

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